Love in The Time of Corona”


I do singing telegrams as part of making a living as a musician here in Austin Texas.  My telegrams are usually Custom Songs at the recipients place of business.  I take some facts about them, usually funny and fun, and make a song.  It's usually a twist on a song by an artist they like.  Sometimes I'll wear a costume - sometimes not. 

But now here we are in the Time of Corona Virus.  Of course this is not an easy time for anyone.  We are separated from those we love in a time when we most want them to know how much we love them and what they mean to us.  And life goes on.  We still love, we are still in love, we still have birthdays and anniversaries, and holidays.   This love is still paramount and celebrating these occasions is still very important. Part of our determination to thrive and get through this will be finding new ways to make sure the virus doesn't "win" by taking away those special dates.

LOVE and LIFE go on, even in The Time of Corona - So I'm offering SPECIAL SONG PRICES so you can give a CUSTOM GIFT to your loved ones! 

Without you having to try to find something/anything at picked-over crowded stores, and without exposing you, or your loved one, or your family to the virus. 

And bonus points for you, you are also helping a musician (me), get through this!  Plus, I really love doing these telegrams. 

Phone call or Skype a cover of a song I already know (I have quite a big list I can share with you) - $20  (payment before service by Venmo or Paypal

Phone call or Skype a CUSTOM SONG made just for the recipient OR learn a popular song just for this occasion - $49  (this requires min. 24 hour notice so I can create the song - Payment due at booking by Venmo or Paypal)

Here's how it works:  

We can email, text or talk on the phone and you give me some facts about the recipient. I can help you decide if they would like a custom song - or if you'd just like me to sing a popular song that I already know that they really like.

If you decide on the custom songs, I'll get a little more info so I can write their special tune.  I've done this a lot - so I can help make that really easy.  We'll find a perfect plan. 

Then we decide if you'd like them to receive a phone call only, or if you'd like me to skype them to perform the song with video and audio.  Another option might be to email them a video of me performing their special songs. 

After the telegram is performed, I will email them the lyrics and include the note from you.

Give me a call or text at 512 565 1969, or email me at with any questions or to set up a telegram.

THANK YOU and best of health to you and yours!


Be the first introduce this new Secret Special Occasion Weapon to your friends and family by giving the gift of an event topper they will never forget.

I'm specializing in the creation of custom songs, tailor made for your honoree/recipient.  We set up the perfect time to perform the telegram and I show up with my guitar (and balloons if you want to order those also) and your custom song!  If desired, after the performance I usually read the greeting on their card out loud so they, and everyone attending will know who sent the telegram.

Holidays, Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries, Graduations -  you imagine it, I work with you to create a magical performance with custom lyrics.  I can either take an existing song and change the lyrics to fit the occasion with lots of details in it about the recipient.

Keepsake song lyrics on a printed sheet (with your name as the co-author!) will accompany the telegram/performance.
Let me know what you envision.

Please spread the word if you know of anyone who is having trouble thinking of the PERFECT gift!!

Prices vary according to the details and location.  Custom songs will require at least a week in advance to create. 

Give me a call or text at 512 565 1969, or email me at and we can talk about your vision for surprising your loved ones with a custom song and performance.  I'll need to know when and where you'd want the telegram delivered.  What type/genre or specific song you have in mind.  It's always fun to use an artist, or genre or specific song and change it up to fit the recipient.  Type of occasion and any other details are really helpful.